Osteoporosis societies around the world are fairly consistent in recommending the following levels of minerals and vitamins for adults over fifty...even when they are taking prescription medication:

  • 1,200-1,500 mg of calcium
  • 1,000-2,000 IU of vitamin D (some experts recommend 5,000 IU)
  • 120 mcg vitamin K
  • 320 mg of magnesium (420 mg for men)

As our bones must be protected throughout our life...it is a great idea to do some comparative shopping. Paying more for a supplement rarely provides increased value and is seldom supported by research.

The highest quality supplements that I could find at the best prices were at Puritans Pride which ships internationally...subject to a country's import restrictions. So shop away!


If you want to keep things simple, then the Puritans Pride Bone Care might be the answer for you. Two tablets of Bone Care will cost approximately $30 a year while providing all essential minerals and vitamins at the recommended levels:

  • Calcium: 1,200 mg. (calcium carbonate and calcium gluconate)
  • Magnesium: 300 mg. (magnesium oxide and magnesium gluconate)
  • Vitamin D3: 800 IU
  • Vitamin K1: 100 mcg.

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If you live north of Boston, you will probably need more than 800IU of vitamin D in the winter. (I take 5,000 IU from November-March.) But this Bone Care supplement will provide the basics.

Note that Canada does not allow this product to be imported...for reasons that only a person in Ottawa would understand. For those in a similar circumstance, I would recommend buying a chelated Calcium/Magnesium supplement and then adding vitamin D.


The importance of vitamin cannot be overstated. Researchers have found that it can increase calcium absorption by 30-80% and that most people in northern regions are deficient in the winter months. The best way to find the optimal intake for you personally, is to have a blood test in March when your levels will be at their lowest and then adjust accordingly.

Vitamin D can be purchased in many different strengths including 1000IU, 2,000IU and 5,000IU. I try to simply things by getting enough sun in the summer and then taking Puritan's Pride Vitamin D 5,000 IU from October until April when the sun becomes strong enough to produce Vitamin D in southern Canada. The cost for six months supply will be approximately $8.


Vitamin K2 plays a vital role in ensuring that calcium stays in the bones and out of the arteries. While there is agreement on the importance of vitamin K2, there is not yet agreement on which K2 is the most beneficial. Some argue that the more expensive MK-7 (menaquinone) is superior to MK-4(menatenone) because it remains in the blood longer but the research is not yet conclusive.

A year’s supply of 90 mcg Vitamin K2 (MK-7) will cost approximately $90.

The price of vitamin K2 (MK-7) is similar at Puritans Pride and Swanson Vitamins-depending on what specials might be available. The annual cost will range from $75-$120.


Strontium is an important dual-action agent that helps both to build bones and prevent bone loss. Studies have shown 8-14% improvements in bone density within osteoporosis treatment programs that include strontium, calcium and vitamin D supplements.

Puritan's Pride now sells strontium at the best price that we could find on the internet.


Prescription medications taken for acid reflux can severely limit calcium absorption and eventually cause osteoporosis.

Many people find that a wedge pillow is very helpful until they find an effective way to control their acid reflux. Adopting an alkaline diet is often the first step towards prevention of the condition.

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