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Osteoporosis Vitamins? Better and Less Expensive in the USA

Osteoporosis vitamins and minerals are better and less expensive in the USA. Fortunately American has been shipping them around the world for over 50 years.

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Dramatic improvement

Before taking Strontium Citrate, my bone density test showed that I was at a 20% risk of breaking a bone. Started taking Strontium 2 years ago and my

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FDA Withdraws Support for Calcitonin

In March, 2013 the U. S. Food and Drug Administration announced that it no longer supports the use of `calcitonin salmon' for the treatment of osteoporosis

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Osteoporosis Treatment must include lots of Vitamin D & strontium.

A natural osteoporosis treatment program will include high dose vitamin D, magnesium, vitamin K2, strontium and lots of exercise. The best calcium & vitamins are not expensive.

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Strontium Citrate

Is the strontium citrate found in health food stores as effective for osteoporosis treatment as prescription strontium?

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Strontium for Osteoporosis

Strontium for osteoporosis treatment has been approved in Europe. Bone density increases of 8%-14% are possible.

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High Dose Vitamin D

It is hard to understand the motivation behind some research and even harder to understand who would fund such silliness. The 2010 study Annual High-Dose

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Should the Wards Triangle be Measured in the Femur Neck?

Some x-ray clinics insist that the Wards Triangle provides the best density measurement for the femur neck while others argue that the Wards triangle should

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Low Femur Neck Score. What Happened?!

As X-ray clinics may be inconsistent in how they measure density in the femur neck, undue alarm may arise when measurement of the Wards Triangle delivers

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Bone Density Test

A bone density test should be conducted on women at age 50 and men at age 70 unless medical conditions suggest earlier testing.

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Vitamin D Dosage

A vitamin D dosage of 2,000 IU may not be sufficient in the winter. People living in northern regions may need 5,000 IU.

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Bone Scan Results for the Femur Neck

Watch that your femur neck score is not of the Wards Triangle which will always be the weakest part of your femur neck. If there is a large difference

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About Me

Osteoporosis is rampant amongst the women in my family.

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New research on strontium citrate in canada

I was reading up on strontium citrate as I think after hearing so many people found it helps them and I found that there was a university in canada that

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It Works!

I just got my latest bone scan results and both my spine and hips have returned to the normal range. I still have osteopenia in my femur neck but I suspect

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