The best Osteoporosis Books encourage readers to prevent osteoporosis through a healthy diet; calcium supplements that include the right vitamins ; and lots of wonderful exercise.

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PREVENTING AND REVERSING OSTEOPOROSIS: What You Can Do About Bone Loss--A Leading Expert's Natural Approach to Increasing Bone Mass by Alan Gaby

Every patient with osteoporosis has already heard the advice "take more calcium and exercise more", but this author suggests that in addition to adhering to that advice, women should take additional mineral supplements (including strontium, boron, and several others) many of which the author documents to be at least as important as calcium in building bone density.


This is the best book that I have found for explaining the benefits of an alkaline diet ...a diet with lots of fruits and vegetables. A friend has used this strategy very successfully in his osteoporosis treatment program.


The primary message in The Myth of Osteoporosis is that the DXA scan for bone density is inadequate and may cause an over-diagnosis of osteoporosis. She argues that the problem with DXA is threefold. It:

  • measures the quantity of the bone only and not the quality which is a better indicator of fracture risk
  • uses the peak bone mass of a young, white woman as the reference point
  • is unreliable because there is no international normal reference standard for DXA machines-so results vary between machines, regions and countries.

WHAT YOUR DOCTOR MAY NOT TELL YOU ABOUT OSTEOPOROSIS: Help Prevent and Even Reverse the Disease that Burdens Millions of Women by Felicia Cosman

This osteoporosis book covers everything women need to know, from the architecture of the condition, to methods for reducing risk factors, to preventative nutrition, exercise, supplements and vitamins and the latest findings about estrogen and hormone replacement therapy.

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OSTEOPOROSIS: AN EXERCISE GUIDE by Margie Bissinger (Editor)

One of the most practical exercise guides written to help fight against osteoporosis and low bone mass. Beautifully illustrated, the exercises offer an effective program to improve strength, balance, and posture. This book also includes a section illustrating safe ways to perform simple acts such as sitting, lifting, and sneezing.

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EXERCISES FOR OSTEOPOROSIS: A Safe and Effective Way to Build Bone Density and Muscle Strength by Dianne Daniels

This osteoporosis book has over 100 detailed exercises for people at all levels of fitness and stages of bone-loss. It has complete beginner, intermediate, and advanced workout programs-including exercises to improve balance and prevent falls and fractures. The workout programs are illustrated with 100 black and white photos.


This osteoporosis book is well researched, well presented, and easy to use. The exercise section is well laid out and offers viable alternatives but could give more attention to the weight-lifting section.

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