Welcome to Osteoporosis-Vitamins. My name is Darlene Varaleau and this site focuses on natural treatment solutions for osteopenia and osteoporosis.

I created the site because I was diagnosed with osteopenia several years ago despite having no risk factors... except one. HEREDITY. Osteoporosis is rampant within my family. I have large bones, exercise regularly, have a good diet and am not on any medications that compromise bone health-except a thyroid medication. So I decided to not follow in my family's footsteps and find a way to stop the bone loss.


At age 54 my bone density scan showed that I was in the normal range but I continued to take calcium and vitamin D supplements as a precaution. Two years later I was shocked to learn that I had lost 15% bone mass and had osteopenia in one hip. My doctor prescribed Evista which is a great short-term solution (especially for the spine) but wasn't appealing for the long-term because I prefer to avoid pharmaceuticals.


I have now passed the danger zone of rapid bone loss (the first 5-7 years after menopause) and my DXA results were not bad-so I have decided to stop taking Evista for the next couple of years, concentrate on a great vitamin and mineral program and see what the next DXA has to say.

As experts believe that a 1% annual bone loss is normal after menopause, a vitamin program is absolutely essential. My family members tend to live long lives, so that could mean another 30-40% bone loss for me. And that's just not going to happen.

After a LOT of research, my daily program has stabilized as follows:

These were the highest quality supplements (with recommended levels of calcium, vitamin D, magnesium and vitamin K) that I could find...and at the best price. I would have liked to take Puritan's Pride Bone Builder because it's formula meets all the recommended guidelines and it is very inexpensive...but Health Canada prevents the import of calcium for reasons known only to them.

I am also using progesterone cream and have been amazed at the improvement in my sleep patterns. My blood tests showed that my hormones are normal for my age but many naturopathic and bioidentical specialists argue that this is a poor benchmark since many women my age are not in optimal health.

...and finally, I am taking a daily childrens aspirin because of new research showing a 20% reduction in deaths from cancer. Since I plan on living a healthy life until I am 100...I need all the help I can get.


I increased my vitamin D3 to 5,000 IU a day in a gel tab after a blood test showed that I was deficient (70 nmol/L) despite taking 2,000 IU in a regular tablet and getting a LOT more sunshine than most Canadians. I just got the results of my blood test and it seems the 5,000 IU is working perfectly. I had a score of 182 nmol/L (73ng/ml) in the middle of winter-so this is definitely a winning strategy both for my bones and to prevent the flu and colds.


In January 2010, my DXA bone density scan showed the following results:

  • L1-L3: .2

  • Neck: -1.7

  • Femur: -1.4

It seems that my spine improved and is still in the normal range while my right hip (femur) continued to decline but much more slowly. It lost 3% of bone density in two years compared to 15% in the previous two years.

In October, 2012 my bone density returned to the normal range everywhere but in my femur neck:

  • L1-L3: .02

  • Neck: -2.08

  • Femur: -0.82

So the vitamins and minerals are working fabulously and my research suggests the last scan may have reported on the Wards triangle portion of the femur neck rather than the normal location. (I changed the location of where I had the DXA scan.) If the hips have improved to a healthy density but the femur neck score loses density...then the new technician likely reported density of the Wards triangle.

I am a lawyer and business person by training...and not a medical expert. All visitors to this site are encouraged to work with their doctors both in monitoring their bone health and vitamin D levels and designing an osteoporosis treatment program that suits their particular situation.

The information on this website has been gathered from medical research sites and from various American, Canadian and International Osteoporosis Societies. Most of my sources are listed on the Links page.

Thank-you for visiting. I hope you enjoy the site. And good luck with your next bone density test!

I live in Ontario (Canada) and canoeing in our beautiful parks is my favourite summer activity. I need strong bones for all the portages!

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